• Earned ENERGY STAR certification
  • 20% reduction in EUI
  • 25% energy reduction goal by 2018
  • Tenant engagement

Strategic Energy Management

Maximizing the Use of SEM 

Wanting to increase the emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency in our portfolio, JSH Properties joined the Seattle 2030 district in 2012. By collaborating with other members and taking advantage of the Seattle 2030 District's programs, events, rebates and training programs we have been able to successfully provide our building owners with no/low cost energy efficiency solutions.  

In fall of 2012 we chose to be part of a pilot for the strategic energy Management (SEM) program offered by the Seattle 2030 district, through support from Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), aimed at improving energy performance through enhanced organizational and operational practices. As part of this program, we set a short-term energy savings target and developed an action plan of how to achieve these savings. We are also implementing innovative programs such as building  scoping training and tenant engagement programs.

Check out the video about the program here: SEM Video